Midnight trip down memory lane.

The book above was written and illustrated by Ronald Searle. He is 90. But because of wine, he is still breathing and very much alive.

But that’s not the point. Notice the illustration. for years (yes, YEARS) I have been searching for THAT specific type of drawing, just like I have been searching for the origin of the illustrations on the CRANIUM board game. But i digress.

Ever since I was a curious little boy, I have read books. Books from our home, from other people’s homes, and the school library. Most of the time, books with illustrations. And more often than not, THAT type of illustration was what stuck to my mind. Now, after fifteen years, I have found it. I just finished watching “St. Trinian’s”, (2007) and at the end there was a byline that read, “based on the book “The Girls of St. Trinian’s” by Ronald Searle. Afew google searches later, and i found this site dedicated to him, and the header was his drawing. Goosebumps followed, and the I read. (for more info, go to http://www.ronaldsearle.blogspot.com/ )

It was THESE illustrations that suddenly brought me memories of my childhood, of me borrowing books from the school library, which borrowing system was word of mouth, me reading Childcraft (come on, you know this), looking at Le Coeur de France and trying to remember, “where have I seen those figures before?” and other stuff.

His drawings and illustrations are just amazing. the attention to detail, the intricate characters and the way that they look like simple scribbles and doodles, but overall just makes sense- i love it.

My favorite illutrator has finally been named. And his name is Ronald Searle.